Nellius 5000 (48 Hour Film)

August 14th to 16th was the San Jose 48 Hour Film Race. Some friends and I have done a few of these film races before. Basically, we are given some required elements to put in our film and then have only a short period to make the film. The elements we received this time were:

Genre: Buddy Film
Prop: Piece from a board game
Character: Zack Alexander, Exterminator
Required Line: “Tell me again why this matters.”

After stressing out for hours about our story, we decided that we should just have fun with the movie and make something totally over the top and ridiculous. After flushing out the gist of the story, Brian Schlotterbeck and Ben Tuller each wrote separate prologues and then we combined the best parts of both.

Our film was in the finals for the audience award, meaning we were in the top three films for the screening. We are still waiting to see if we will get nominated in other categories. We’re hoping for nominations in Costumes, Sound Design, and Editing.


~ by jessetarnoff on September 1, 2009.

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