Ring of Dust

It was another lazy Saturday watching Berkeley lose another football game.  We decided we’d try to spice the day up with a little film shoot.  I really wanted to utilize my new macro lens, so we decided to film something that could involve some good closeups.  What does that mean in amateur film-making 101?  Drugs.

First we decided to set it in the 80’s in Miami, hence the amazing t-shirts.  Our talented and versatile Ben Tuller quickly took on the role of a drug lord…fiend…thing.  Brian Schlotterbeck was cast as a bad ass killing machine because of course in real life… he is a bad ass killing machine.

This is not meant to be good.  This is not meant to be hardcore.  This is not meant to be a piece of art.  It is in fact, three friends having fun on a Saturday making a movie and laughing at ourselves.  Hook it up with those comments!


~ by jessetarnoff on December 11, 2009.

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