Jesse Tarnoff – Jesse is a wedding filmmaker who loves making movies.  He’s usually the guy behind the camera, in the editing chair, or asleep on the floor because he forgot to drink another 5 Hour Energy.  He studied film at Chapman University.

Brian Schlotterbeck – Brian is the guy who’s either smiling and laughing on set or pretending to be a gangster.  He studied film at UC Santa Cruz and is now an award winning film writer.  He also has a degree in engineering from Berkeley and works at a desk doing equations all day.  Straight thuggin.

Ben Tuller – Ben is a man of many talents.  He graduated with a film degree from UC San Diego and is also a stellar actor.  People often compare him to Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp, but everyone knows he’s a Tom Hanks at heart.  He’s currently doing a large project for the George Mark foundation.

Alex Hersler – Alex is an excellent film producer and an accomplished film and stage actor.  He just finished a two month stage run of “Sideman” and is rehearsing for his next play.

Sebastian Burke – Sebastian is brilliant.  He’s an engineer and a filmmaker; a deadly combo.  He’s done groundbreaking research for Pixar and is currently working on other groundbreaking research that is soon to be released.  Oh the mind of Sab is a wonderful thing.


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